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Vertical cultivation tower

Vertical Grow Tower – How does it work?

The vertical cultivation tower is a support that allows you to practice the cultivation of plants without soil in a vertical way. As a result, the mineral nutrients are supplied via a closed water circuit. Hydroponic systems that allow…

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Some Healthy Fruits to Grow Hydroponically

Some Healthy Fruits to Grow Hydroponically

In this new article, we are going to discover some healthy fruits to grow in your hydroponic setup. Indeed, in the hydroponic gardens known so far, the main focus was on large-scale agriculture in order to reduce water waste and…

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The Benefits of Hydroponics in Urban Settings

Hydroponics or Bioponics (organic hydroponics), by definition, is a method of growing plants in a nutrient-rich water-based solution. The advantages of hydroponics are numerous and this mainly in the fact that there is no…

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to sow

how to make your own
sowing easily?

The beauty of hydroponics is that it allows you to have complete control over every input you make to your plants: be it air, water, light, or nutrients. You may have already tasted success in…

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food self-sufficiency

Food self-sufficiency
9 good reasons to get started!

Why is food self-sufficiency so important these days? This is exactly what we are going to reveal to you in this new article dedicated to food self-sufficiency and hydroponics. So we are going to see why producing your own food can…

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Organic Switzerland

The conditions for obtaining the “Bio Suisse” label

Bio Suisse certification is a private standard belonging to the association of the same name, which differs from the European standard. It is required for any organic farmer who wishes to grow and sell on the Swiss market with an organic label. It is…

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hydroponic strawberries

Growing Hydroponic Strawberries

Growing strawberries hydroponically can be an efficient, clean and fun new way to grow one of your favorite berries in complete comfort. You may hear the term hydroponics and think it's a gardening technique…

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Chemical fertilizers

The impacts of chemical fertilizers on health

The conventional food industry often blocks research on the impacts of produce grown with chemical fertilizers. It is very rare for large firms to care about preserving the environment, living species or the health of consumers. What matters…

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grow in a hydroponic system

4 Nutritious Vegetables to Grow in a Hydroponic System

Start with the most nutritious vegetables to grow in your hydroponic system! Hydroponics or hydroculture is a method of growing plants, in water, without soil. Minerals and nutrients are added to water at…

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Consume locally

The good reasons to consume locally

Consuming locally is a movement that has developed enormously in recent years. For good reason, the benefits of eating local food are more than numerous! From nutrition, to environmental and community reasons, it is more important than ever…

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