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Our mission is to provide an easy way to grow your own fruits and vegetables in an environmentally friendly, profitable and independent way!

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Blumeo partners



And looking for new Blumeo partners who want to participate in this food revolution!

Indeed, in an important dynamic of development, we are looking for Blumeo partners all over the world. If you are already familiar with our products, whether you are in agriculture, commerce or simply interested in Blumeo, contact us as soon as possible.

Deductibles Blumeo

You are the one and only primary distributor for a region or country.

Blumeo partners

You increase your catalog by offering our hydroponic solutions for sale.

We build together
Blumeo partners
Brand Blumeo

Blumeo partnersBenefits from a protected trademark

Blumeo is a trademark protected by the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (No. 761226). Thus, our company and our partners constitute valuable capital over time. Collaborating with Blumeo means participating in the development of a new philosophy of food consumption. We are thus formalizing a strategy that combines knowledge acquired in a collaborative manner.

Opt for very high security in your future activities. Our business model is patented.

You contribute to strengthening a brand while capitalizing on your business.

The knowledge acquired is open to our partners. Thus, you benefit from a competitive advantage.

Blumeo partners

We go even further...



You reduce the ecological impacts of agriculture. This, by reducing water consumption and soil pollution.


An activity

You participate in the creation of agricultural spaces in urban areas. This, by proposing alternative solutions



Blumeo partners benefit from various exclusive solutions. They thus stand out in their field of activity.

Blumeo partners

Customer base

Blumeo wishes to expand its activities worldwide. To achieve this, it relies on the establishment of solid partnerships.



You benefit from a 360° solution to carry out your activities. This, taking advantage of the know-how of the Blumeo structure.

Blumeo partners


Focusing its activities on the promotion of hydroponic systems is an opportunity for growth in the future.

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Satisfied customers

The use of our connected cultivation systems is possible worldwide. Indeed, whether individual or collaborative projects, our infrastructures meet all needs. Using a adapted technology, so you make farming possible in every conceivable space. Blumeo therefore makes it possible to cultivate in all urban environments! This is how you offer everyone the opportunity to eat healthy, without depending on the big food chains.

Right now !Let's build the future with Blumeo partners

Only a few times in your life will you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman or a priest. But every day, three times a day, you will need a farmer. Learning to cultivate yourself or in a small group is therefore a guarantee of freedom. Today, with a connected agriculture solution, it is possible! To meet this need, we work every day to develop a solution accessible to all.

By becoming a partner, you bring new values that create a better future for our planet.

Blumeo partners

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