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Our mission is to provide an easy way to grow your own fruits and vegetables in an environmentally friendly, profitable and independent way!

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A missionUsing our connected hydroponic systems

We're on a mission to provide an easy way to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home or in a community environment. Our connected hydroponic systems make it possible to cultivate in an ecological, profitable and independent way. 

Buying quality fruits and vegetables can quickly become very expensive. The means of production at the present time require substantial spaces, depend on the climatic state and also require extensive knowledge in agriculture. However, who would not want to eat healthily, at a lower cost and while being independent in their food production?

To meet these needs, Blumeo works every day to develop connected hydroponic systems to make them accessible to everyone.

connected hydroponic systems

Blumeo SNC

connected hydroponic systems
connected hydroponic systems

BlumeoIs a protected Swiss trademark

Legally, the Blumeo brand is a protected distinctive sign allowing our company to differentiate its products and services from those of other companies. Our brand therefore constitutes valuable capital, from its creation to its development, which requires a considerable investment of time and money. Blumeo is registered with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property under number 761226.


4 principlesWho are at the heart of development
of our connected hydroponic systems

connected hydroponic systems

Digital innovation

Enable the creation of a food ecosystem on an individual level using digital technologies.

connected hydroponic systems

quality and self-sufficiency

Offer the possibility of getting out of agri-food circuits by ensuring qualitative and self-sufficient production.

connected hydroponic systems

A sustainable ecology

Reduce the ecological impacts of agriculture by reducing water consumption and soil pollution.

connected hydroponic systems

Collaborative spaces

Create collaborative agricultural spaces in urban areas and reconnect with food.

See our hydroponic systems in action in the image gallery.


The independent spirit

Connected hydroponic systems make it possible to cultivate or indulge in a creative activity of autonomy considered as a political act, an act of legitimate resistance to dependence and the enslavement of the human person.

-Pierre Rabhi-

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