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Some Healthy Fruits to Grow Hydroponically

Some Healthy Fruits to Grow Hydroponically

In this new article, we are going to discover some healthy fruits to grow in your hydroponic setup. Indeed, in the hydroponic gardens known so far, the main focus was on large-scale farming to reduce water waste and carbon emissions. But today, with Blumeo and its connected systems, they are also perfect for small spaces and accessible to everyone! Let's take a look at 5 healthy fruits to grow hydroponically that are also deliciously edible.

Healthy fruits to grow hydroponically:

hydroponic strawberries

Strawberries require fairly low humidity and are susceptible to root rot, so be careful. They work best with an NFT system and require extra attention for extra moisture, but you get delicious strawberries any time of year, so it's fair trade. Strawberries are certainly one of the best fruits to start growing in a hydroponic system.

The watermelon

Watermelons prefer more water. An ebb and flow system works great when you're growing lots of melons. However you can also use a floating system (the planter floats above water) with DWC if you are growing a single plant. Remember that watermelons are a vine plant! So check them regularly to make sure the fruit is well supported.

Cantaloupe (melon fillets)

Very similar to watermelons, net melons (melons with a skin that looks like a hard net surface), are great for ebb and flow systems. The melons themselves must be supported using nets or other supports.

The blueberries

The bushes take longer to grow hydroponically (blueberries don't see fruit until the 2nd year of growth) but they also last longer because they don't need to be replanted every year. NFT systems are also a good way to supply a blueberry bush with nutrients.

The grape

These vine fruits require a lot of care and can be a little tricky to grow when you're new to hydroponics. They usually grow quite well in a bucket system with a trellis to grow on. Watch closely for root rot and pH imbalances and make sure they get plenty of water.

In conclusion on these few healthy fruits to grow in hydroponics

Many people also enjoy growing more exotic fruits like pineapples or kiwis. However, they are more difficult to grow when you start in this activity. But with time and experience, the fruits grown by your work will always be better than those bought in supermarkets!

As a beginner in hydroponics, it will therefore be a good idea to use plants that are easy to grow and that benefit from rapid growth. We've mentioned a few examples above where you can get good results and quickly learn hydroponics before moving on to harder-to-grow fruits.

Choosing the vegetables or fruits to grow in your connected greenhouse is only the first step. Then, the Blumeo control system will accompany you and guide you to obtain beautiful fruits and vegetables throughout the year!

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