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The Benefits of Hydroponics in Urban Settings


Hydroponics or Bioponics (organic hydroponics), by definition, is a method of growing plants in a nutrient-rich water-based solution. The advantages of hydroponics are numerous and this mainly in the fact that there is no soil. Indeed, the root system is supported with an inert medium. It can be perlite, rock wool, clay granules, peat moss or vermiculite. The basic premise of hydroponics is to allow plant roots to come into direct contact with the nutrient solution. This, while having access to oxygen which is essential for good growth.

The benefits of hydroponics

The benefits of hydroponics are numerous, the most important of which is a greatly increased growth rate for your plants. With the proper setup, your plants will mature up to 25% faster. They will also produce up to 30% more than the same plants grown in the ground.

Your plants will grow and grow faster because they won't have to work as hard for nutrients as they do in soil. Even a small root system will provide the plant with exactly what it needs, so the plant will focus more on growing upwards instead of expanding the root system downwards.

Saving water is one of the advantages of hydroponics!

This is all possible with careful control of your nutrient solution and pH. A hydroponic system will also use much less water. This is because the system is closed and therefore causes much less evaporation. Hydroponics is better for the environment because it completely reduces waste and pollution from soil runoff. In addition, water consumption is up to 90% less than in soil cultivation!

Hydroponics also offers very big advantages in urban settings thanks to its different designs of small sizes. It is thus very easy to cultivate from a balcony, a terrace, a roof or any other space where it was not possible until now to cultivate other than with large surfaces and soil.

Only one disadvantage...

Despite the fact that the advantages of hydroponics are very numerous, there are also some disadvantages. The biggest factor for most people is that a quality hydroponic system of any size will cost more than its soil counterpart.

The biggest risk with a hydroponic system is something going wrong in a short time. For example, a pump failure could kill your plants in a few hours. They can die quickly because the growing medium cannot store water like soil can. Plants therefore depend on a continuous supply of fresh water.

Blumeo solutions!

But do not panic ! The Blumeo solutions are there to overcome this problem with the help of complete management of your connected greenhouse. Whether it's adjusting the PH, ensuring watering, planning your crops and many other things, you can rely on the reliability of your system!

The different systems for practicing hydroponics

The interesting thing about hydroponics is that there are several very effective systems:

  • the culture tower, which will offer you the advantage of being small in size, can therefore be positioned in small spaces;
  • the connected greenhouse which, in addition to offering complete management, will ensure food production in large quantities;
  • The culture wall which can be perfectly adapted to urban environments, premises or collaborative spaces.

Blumeo solutions amplify the benefits of hydroponics!

If you want to grow your own fruits and vegetables, hydroponics is the right choice for you! It may seem intimidating at first, but with our different solutions everything becomes very easy. Indeed, the culture tower, the connected greenhouse or the vertical culture wall are there to make your life easy. All of this will seem very simple to you once you have discovered our solutions and understood the basics of operation. Start small, keep it simple, and your hydroponic system will never cease to amaze you day after day.

Do you want to start growing your own food and enjoy the benefits of this activity? So contact us for information on our different solutions.

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