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Some easy hydroponic plants to start growing

hydroponic plants

So you are getting into hydroponics for the first time… But now that your system is installed, what exactly should you grow? While every vegetable under the sun might be the first answer, there are actually a few considerations to keep in mind when planning your hydroponics.

First of all, where do you want to install your connected hydroponic system? Are you growing in an area with lots or little light? What are your favorite vegetables or fruits?

These questions are important to ensure success with your first harvest! If your space is small and you don't have much room to access your system, stick to vegetables that come in the bush or in miniature which will be easier to harvest. If you are in a greenhouse, you have experience and you have the space and a temperate climate, then more complex vegetables requiring more space can be grown. While the potential to grow whatever you want is exciting, try not to just plant things for the sake of it, but with the climate, growing space, and your knowledge in mind. To avoid food waste, choose vegetables that you eat regularly and that you will enjoy on your plate.

So what are the easiest vegetables to start growing in a hydroponic system?

The lettuce

Lettuce is not only one of the easiest vegetables to grow hydroponically, it has a very fast turnaround time from seed to plate. You can enjoy fresh heads of delicious lettuce in less than 30 days depending on the variety.

The little greens...

Like lettuce, young shoots are easy to grow without soil. You can opt for family favorites like spinach and arugula or try more exotic varieties like mizuna, red mustard greens and have them ready to eat in just over 3 weeks.

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are ideal for growing indoors because the plants grow smaller than regular tomato varieties and the fruits are twice as sweet. The long clusters of luscious fruit are a beautiful sight and you can pick them straight from the plant as you see fit. A good setup will produce a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes in a very short time.

The peppers

Peppers are good to grow because they are naturally bushy, which means they won't take up much space. The best part is that there are so many kinds of peppers to grow, the possibilities are endless. Do you prefer a sweet pepper picked fresh from your own garden or a spicy jalepeño or serrano pepper for your favorite salsa dip?


From basil to parsley, herbs are a great bet for your first harvest. Not only can you use them in everything, but the herbs will be ready for harvest in just a month. Spice up your meals with fresh herbs you've grown yourself and you'll be sure to impress everyone with your green thumb and tasty dishes.

Some easy hydroponic plants in conclusion

After having tried these first crops, do not hesitate to venture into the cultivation of more complex vegetables and fruits to grow. The Blumeo team is also there to inform you and help you in the planning and management of your crops. We always appreciate a few photos of your prowess!

Thanks to our exclusive vertical hydroponics solutions, enjoy good fruits and vegetables grown in an ecological and natural way from your home. Visit our site and discover our culture tower, our connected greenhouse, our vertical wall systems and tailor-made installations according to your needs.

Do you want to start growing your own food and enjoy the benefits of this activity? Blumeo offers hydroponic systems that make it possible to cultivate in urban environments and thus offer everyone the possibility of healthy eating without depending on the large food chains.

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