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Our mission is to provide an easy way to grow your own fruits and vegetables in an environmentally friendly, profitable and independent way!

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The good reasons to consume locally

Consume locally

Consuming locally is a movement that has developed enormously in recent years. For good reason, the benefits of eating local food are more than numerous! From nutrition, to environmental and community reasons, it's more important than ever to support local agriculture. Here are the good reasons to no longer buy your fruits and vegetables from the big commercial brands.

The reasons to consume locally

Leaving commercial channels

Supporting local agriculture with food diversity will be increasingly important with the economic crises to come. As energy prices rise, our climate continues to change and our food supply continues to be threatened by a loss of biodiversity, it really is time to gain food independence and grow your own fruits and vegetables. to no longer depend on the major commercial circuits.  

Know where food comes from

Eating local food also empowers you as a consumer. You can indeed monitor where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised.  

Save energy

If you eat seasonally, you will reduce the amount of energy used to transport and store your food.  

Fewer chemicals

If you eat organically, you will reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides used in growing your food. This has benefits for your health, for the climate, for our food and water supplies as well as for the protection of the natural environment.  

More flavors!

The flavors and nutrients of local and seasonal foods are generally much richer and more complex. Which has health benefits and also makes consumption much more enjoyable.  

Discover new varieties

If you grow your own or buy from local farmers, you may discover many different varieties of fruits and vegetables that you have never heard of.  

Support the local economy

When you buy from local farmers, your money stays in our local economy. Typically, your money will stay in our local economy much longer as it moves from that farmer to the local hardware store or local grocery store, and beyond. Whereas when you buy from a big national or international chain, your money usually leaves the local economy. Plus, more of your money goes directly to local farmers, so they get a living wage. A relationship with local food producers and vendors makes your family more resilient and adaptable during economic crises. Maybe one week you won't have the money to pay for your produce, but a local farmer might just be able to barter for something that you can offer him in return.  

Anticipate difficult times

By supporting our local economies now or growing our own fruits and vegetables, we will have systems in place when we really need them and can support each other through difficult times ahead.

Promote human exchanges

Buying from locals also encourages personal relationships within our community. We can learn a lot from these exchanges and what a joy to talk with a farmer. He will be happy to describe his particular varieties to you, which you will taste a few hours later on our plate. Simple and human exchanges between people of the same community make our lives so much happier, healthier and more beautiful.

The advantages of consuming locally in conclusion

It is important to remember that while some products may seem a bit more expensive to buy locally, ultimately eating locally, seasonally and organically is ultimately much less costly over time for our community, our air, our water. , our energy and our natural environment. In the very short term, we therefore considerably reduce costs by purchasing only local products. Especially if these are in season and growing in our own spaces. The solutions from Blumeo allow you to gain food independence while making significant savings in the short term. Blumeo develops hydroponic systems that make it possible to cultivate in urban environments and thus offer everyone the possibility of healthy eating without depending on the large food chains.

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